Design archive for 2016-12-29

Everyone should be able to access a fridge!

(3 years ago)
Everyone should be able to access a fridge!Technology changes things every year. Sometimes, design doesn’t change anything for years at an end… and I wonder why. For instance, look at the refrigerator. For...

The Moon is for All Men

(3 years ago)
The Moon is for All MenInstead of seeing it as just a potential site for groundbreaking scientific discovery, sci-fi tourism or the lucrative exploitation of extraterrestrial natural resources, designer Jorge Mañes...

Tunes to Fine-tune your Brain

(3 years ago)
Tunes to Fine-tune your BrainWhy would you need headphones while sleeping… some would ask. White noise, relaxing music, alarms. These are the obvious reasons. What you don’t know is that...

The Accordion Playhouse

(3 years ago)
The Accordion PlayhouseAs you might’ve guessed from its name, this design earns its title by utilizing a playful folding technique to expand, collapse, and adopt different forms. Little...

Torch Lighting for Travelers

(3 years ago)
Torch Lighting for TravelersThe TORQUA flashlight is as versatile as it is minimal. This simplistic design might keep the number of parts to a minimum, but it can be...

YD takes on The Good Design Awards 2016 in Japan!

(3 years ago)
YD takes on The Good Design Awards 2016 in Japan!The Good Design Awards isn’t just any awards program for designers. It’s a pilgrimage that takes you through the mind and soul of Japan, arguably one...