Design archive for 2017-01-02

The slimmest smartphone ever built

(11 months ago)
The slimmest smartphone ever builtThere’s no better way to begin the new year than with some amazing tech. Right? What if I told you the NoPhone is the next big...

Jet-Inspired Jag

(11 months ago)
Jet-Inspired JagThere has long been a crossover between aviation and automotive design… but a drone?! That’s precisely the inspiration behind this Jaguar F Type GT concept. A...

Your Child’s First Smart-watch

(11 months ago)
Your Child’s First Smart-watchI’ll be honest and just say that I don’t think children below the age of 16 should own any smart devices. Having unlimited access to that...

Every bachelor’s dream gadget

(11 months ago)
Every bachelor’s dream gadgetDeep down, we may have played loads of Mass Effect, may have watched hours worth of Bond movies, but honestly… We would prefer the Swash over...

Honoring Huaren Design With Golden Pin Design Award – 2016

(11 months ago)
Honoring Huaren Design With Golden Pin Design Award – 2016As we wrap up December, it’s time to reflect on the most coveted Design Award from Taiwan – the Golden Pin Design Award. Organized by the...