Design archive for 2017-01-03

Keep an eye on the stove!

(3 years ago)
Keep an eye on the stove!You know… Problem solving’s actually the easy bit. Problem finding is incredibly tough. Honestly that’s what design is really about. Finding the right problem to solve....

Infinitely Adjustable Illumination

(3 years ago)
Infinitely Adjustable IlluminationThe Faro lamp, swivels, wiggles, turns and tilts… all without the use of any major hardware! Magnets are the magic behind this design. Composed of just...

Kollection of Kawaii Kabinets!

(3 years ago)
Kollection of Kawaii Kabinets!The Kyotomoji boxes take Japan’s passion for storage and organization and add an element of ‘kawaii’ to it. These adorably small boxes come in colorful and...

Go Old-School in the New Year!

(3 years ago)
Go Old-School in the New Year!The Muscle, the Gear and the Carrot is a food processor concept designed in reaction to today’s hyper-sophisticated domestic appliances. Modern kitchen equipment is often so...

Getting Domestic with Audi

(3 years ago)
Getting Domestic with AudiEver tried to find a nice-looking ceiling fan? It’s a nearly impossible feat! Perhaps fan designers should take a tip from automotive design in the way...