Design archive for 2017-01-05

This S8 looks like a galactic space-rock!

(4 years ago)
This S8 looks like a galactic space-rock!Don’t kill me just yet for saying this but Samsung as a smartphone manufacturer has always been a bandwagon sort of brand. Yes they were the...

The world’s first flexible surfing helmet

(4 years ago)
The world’s first flexible surfing helmetI don’t think I’ve seen that many surfers wear helmets. Honestly, every sport comes with dangers and it’s just a good practice to keep yourself safe....

One Streamlined Semi

(4 years ago)
One Streamlined SemiSmooth… giant… elegant… aggressive… those 4 words were the inspiration behind Shahin Aliyev’s personal vision for a future cargo carrier. Called the CASPI Truck, this cab-over...

A Bag to Carry your Life with You

(4 years ago)
A Bag to Carry your Life with YouBags as a product may be utilitarian, but they are more about self expression than anything else. That’s probably why we feature so many different types...

A Smart Shaker for Dummies

(4 years ago)
A Smart Shaker for DummiesI love to cook, but I’m not one of those skilled chefs who can eye their ingredients. Unfortunately, all that pre-measuring adds plenty more time and...

Touchscreen on a Macbook? Yes!!

(4 years ago)
Touchscreen on a Macbook? Yes!!The reason the iPad isn’t picking in sales is because it’s ultimately a mobility device and not a professional solution. The reason the Macbook Pro isn’t...