Design archive for 2017-01-06

Make it a Cycling Selfie Party!

(3 years ago)
Make it a Cycling Selfie Party!You and your cycling crew will never been more ready to document your 2-wheeled adventures than with Cyclemate! This innovative social-sharing peripheral bike attachment is designed...

One Sexy Walker!

(3 years ago)
One Sexy Walker!I love how designer Manuel Hess put it… “a walker doesn’t have to look like a disease itself.” Harsh but SO true! His proposal for a...

Nautical-Inspired Knifery

(3 years ago)
Nautical-Inspired KniferyAdmittedly, I’m not a knife guy… but I wouldn’t be upset if someone gifted me one as handsome as the Panerai Multi-Functional Knife. It channels that...

Smart Water Saving for Dummies

(3 years ago)
Smart Water Saving for DummiesIntroducing, eDrop – a barely-there smart monitoring device which helps you keep track of your daily water usage! The super small device fits on to almost...