Design archive for 2017-01-11

Fitness guru strapped to your wrist

(3 years ago)
Fitness guru strapped to your wristIt’s been a year and a half since we showcased the Liv wristband on Yanko Design as an initial visualization, and now we’re looking at a...

What-a Purifier!

(3 years ago)
What-a Purifier!Most people in rural India don’t get access to clean water. They rely on rudimentary techniques like sedimentation (allowing the dirt to settle at the bottom)...

Rethinking the Mobile Retail Experience

(3 years ago)
Rethinking the Mobile Retail ExperienceMUV / Rethinking the Mobile Retail Experience from Radlab on Vimeo. Old-school vending pushcarts are literally getting PUSHED out of retail areas by new businesses! Designed...

Avian-inspired Illumination

(3 years ago)
Avian-inspired IlluminationJapanese speakers will understand the inspiration behind this lamp’s name. For those of us who don’t, take a look and think of what long-legged bird it...

One Clever Crutch

(3 years ago)
One Clever CrutchThe crutch is one of the most simple, time-tested walking aids available, yet Berlin-based design office Werksdesign has found a way to enhance it with smartphone...