Design archive for 2017-01-12

The AC you can’t see

(3 years ago)
The AC you can’t seeI’ll just say it. It’s 2017. We’ve got LG TVs that are as thin as credit cards, so then WHY ARE OUR ACs SO BULKY?! I...

The Touch-Feel Tumbler

(3 years ago)
The Touch-Feel TumblerHere’s something that’s just simple and beautiful. The Feelable cup has a tactile property that allows it to tell you the level of water without having...

One Sharp Rickshaw

(3 years ago)
One Sharp RickshawRickshaw drivers get a bad reputation for being dangerous but the problem is also in part due to the design of the current vehicle. Johnny Cho’s...

Somebody get this lamp a cheeseburger!

(3 years ago)
Somebody get this lamp a cheeseburger!The ultra-thin Link lamp shows just how far lighting has come aesthetically in terms of flexibility, and functionally in terms of efficiency! Not only freakishly skinny,...

Party on the Outside, Biz on the Inside

(3 years ago)
Party on the Outside, Biz on the InsideThe Ali-Ante storage system’s utilitarian interior means that, for a realistic price, you can deck out the exterior doors to be as fancy as you’d like!...