Design archive for 2017-01-13

Re-telling the time

(3 years ago)
Re-telling the timeI love the thought process behind this design so much I’m going to put forth an open invitation to designers to make concepts using the same...

Umm… Why don’t inhalers stand up?!

(3 years ago)
Umm… Why don’t inhalers stand up?!Even though I’ve used one, I never realized that asthma inhalers aren’t designed to stand upright… and it’s quite strange because there’s no real reason why...

When Tesla Takes to Water

(3 years ago)
When Tesla Takes to WaterUnlike Tesla cars, the all-electric Tesla Model Y yacht is a self-sustaining design that charges itself… with a little help from the sun and sea, that...

Sprout and Proud!

(3 years ago)
Sprout and Proud!I love me some sprouts! Now there’s a way to get your own homegrown sprouts, even without a garden. It’s called Sproutr, and it’s the world’s...

Mod Style Meets Ancient Technique

(3 years ago)
Mod Style Meets Ancient TechniqueThe Nex table and Rail chair, the latest from Alpestudio, are simple yet intriguing additions that play on contrast and material. The Nex table can be...