Design archive for 2017-01-16

To QWERTY or not to QWERTY

(4 years ago)
To QWERTY or not to QWERTYIt takes a great deal of drive, confidence, and research to be able to pull off what the XBows Keyboard does. Changing the layout of a...

This grooming kit is Man-tastic!

(4 years ago)
This grooming kit is Man-tastic!The Beast grooming kit isn’t for the faint hearted. This set of grooming tools is made strictly for the alpha male, with its chiseled, sharp forms...

Tunes to No End

(4 years ago)
Tunes to No EndToday, when we think of “radio,” the first thing that comes to mind is an app or streaming music website. However, in the past, listening to...

The Dongle that Saved the iPhone7

(4 years ago)
The Dongle that Saved the iPhone7First they said Hey, you don’t need Bluetooth. Then they said you don’t need Radio. Then they said you don’t need a headphone jack, and you...

One Charming Robot

(4 years ago)
One Charming RobotThe result of a collaboration between engineers, programmers, psychologists and designers, MOnarCH is an experiment in social robotics that aims to provide edutainment to children, visitors...

An iPhone Stand You Can Wear!

(4 years ago)
An iPhone Stand You Can Wear!As you might’ve guessed from the name, RYST is a clever design that combines the best of fashion and functionality to hold your iPhone! The one-size-fits-all...