Design archive for 2017-01-17

Upturned Utensil

(4 years ago)
Upturned UtensilThe Top & Down utensil design comes from a place of absolute ingenuity. Think of it as a life-hack turned into a product. Simply put, the...

A Purifier for Purists

(4 years ago)
A Purifier for PuristsMist is a high-end air purifier with a minimalist outside and sophisticated inside. Its exterior is made from a single, seamless piece of satin nickel aluminum...

A Geometric Artpiece Timepiece!

(4 years ago)
A Geometric Artpiece Timepiece!Don’t stare at it for too long, it may hypnotise you! The Divided Beta Series By Zero watch are for the people who want a watch...

Plug-n-Play TV!

(4 years ago)
Plug-n-Play TV!Most televisions are sold with their stands separately assembled to minimize of the overall packaging necessary to transport the unit. This means you the consumer have...

A Perfectly Portable Audio Pod

(4 years ago)
A Perfectly Portable Audio PodPOSS is a portable audio solution that proves sometimes less is more! The simplified design is free of frill, reduced to the speaker unit, power/audio inputs...