Design archive for 2017-01-18

Record experiences, not images!

(11 months ago)
Record experiences, not images!I have a new policy regarding concerts, events, and fairs. I try to take as little pictures as possible. One, so that I enjoy the experience...

A Different Direction for Braun

(11 months ago)
A Different Direction for BraunWhat looks like a speaker, works like an air purifier and is made by a hair care product company?! The answer is the Braun Air Solution....

Minimal Pen, Maximal Expression

(11 months ago)
Minimal Pen, Maximal ExpressionThe Piuma pen looks like an ink filled space-bullet. It’s so well designed that it’s design isn’t apparent anymore. All you see is a quality product...

Boeing Air to Auto

(11 months ago)
Boeing Air to AutoBoeing’s first attempt at a car didn’t go so well… but with driverless tech evolving, it’s the perfect time to give it another go! The Boeing...

A Closet that Cleans with Steam!

(11 months ago)
A Closet that Cleans with Steam!Us urban dwellers are always looking for ways to save time, money and space. It’s designs like the Electrolux Steam that help us do it! This...