Design archive for 2017-01-19


(4 years ago)
Drone-vertible!Linnaeus is a drone. A drone that’s designed to monitor large open green spaces to make sure that plants are healthy and well irrigated, but this...

The Key to a Hassle-free Life

(4 years ago)
The Key to a Hassle-free LifeWhats the size of a key and can virtually get you out of any sticky situation? No, it isn’t a lock pick. It’s the MSTR Key...

Your Very Own Robo-Buddy!

(4 years ago)
Your Very Own Robo-Buddy!Who hasn’t dreamed of having your very own robot pal?! Well, now you can. Meet, MiP! This interactive robo-buddy has a personality all his own, communicating...

The Shangri-La of Coffee Shops!

(4 years ago)
The Shangri-La of Coffee Shops!Capriole Café by Bureau Fraai is the cloud nine of coffee shops! The main goal of the design of the café was to create a total...