Design archive for 2017-01-23

This bottle looks delicious!

(4 years ago)
This bottle looks delicious!Winter time? You need a bottle for your cafe latte grande. Summer? You need a bottle for your iced tea! Either which way, you need a...

High Fashion Tech

(4 years ago)
High Fashion TechThe ASUS Z-LUXX series of smartphones, laptops, tablets and covers are designed not only for the tech but for the look! Each features a stylish material...

The Functionalist Fan

(4 years ago)
The Functionalist FanFan Concept – Braun from Jorge R. on Vimeo. Inspired by Dieter Rams minimalist manta of “less, but better”, this simplistic fan ditches the frill for...

A Little Sunshine Goes a Long Way

(4 years ago)
A Little Sunshine Goes a Long WaySweet, sweet sunshine was the inspiration behind this innovative, hybrid hospital bed/wheelchair design by Lirong Yang. Just a bit of sun can go a long way...

Sounds of the Sea

(4 years ago)
Sounds of the SeaClose your eyes for a moment and imagine a grand piano… now, take that image and completely forget about it! That’s the idea behind Oyster. This...