Design archive for 2017-01-24

Instant Furniture is the new Instant Ramen

(4 years ago)
Instant Furniture is the new Instant RamenI’m assuming you’ve grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, or other types of plants in your garden. However, my friend, I can wager that you’ve never grown ready-made...

A different kind of bottle opener

(4 years ago)
A different kind of bottle openerThe most admirable thing about design is finding a problem that no one has ever thought of solving, and solving it. The Twizie in that regard...

Extension Box Power Bank Pineapple Pen!

(4 years ago)
Extension Box Power Bank Pineapple Pen!I’m sorry, I know it’s 2017 and we must find a new song to jam to, but Pikotaro’s hit song PPAP from last year seems to...

Baby Laundry Made Easy

(4 years ago)
Baby Laundry Made EasyBetween food and poo (seriously), keeping baby’s clothes clean and spotless is a near impossible task with conventional clothes washer/dryers. Many parents know the secret is...

For Immaculate Undies!

(4 years ago)
For Immaculate Undies!Does anyone actually hand-wash their clothes with tags that say you should?! If only there were an appliance that were specially designed for these delicates. That’s...

Surveillance done right

(4 years ago)
Surveillance done rightAside from using drones for the most ridiculous reasons (military applications included), drones can be pretty helpful when it comes to being your eyes in the...