Design archive for 2017-01-25

A Light with Heavy Responsibilities

(11 months ago)
A Light with Heavy Responsibilities“Filo is not just a light bulb, it’s a platform.” What Filo does is allow you to integrate various modular elements into the light bulb socket,...

The Ultimate Traveler’s Timepiece

(11 months ago)
The Ultimate Traveler’s TimepieceNavigator 1 is big… really big! Its 50mm diameter watch face features GMT world time function to show times in different cities, dedicated hour and minute...

Accessories with Ancestry!

(11 months ago)
Accessories with Ancestry!Apple has definitely come a long way since the first piece of groundbreaking tech they made. I’m talking about the Macintosh Computer launched in 1984 that...

One Sharp Semi

(11 months ago)
One Sharp SemiThis is the first time I’ve ever thought a commercial truck actually looked FAST! While it’s not necessarily for speed, the VOLVO FH Globetrotter’s extreme aerodynamics...

Take a Break with this Bag!

(11 months ago)
Take a Break with this Bag!Every traveler has been there… waiting in line, aching and tired of standing. Designed with this problem in mind, Xit is a portable bag/chair hybrid, designed...