Design archive for 2017-01-26

Touchscreen? How about Braillescreen!

(11 months ago)
Touchscreen? How about Braillescreen!It’s 2017. Can we please get braille phones now?! I mean just one Kickstarter project! Touchscreens are probably the WORST interface for the visually impaired, which...

The Perfect Outdoor Projector

(11 months ago)
The Perfect Outdoor ProjectorThere’s nothing quite like watching a movie outdoors! OUMBRA is a new projector design that makes this summertime activity a cinch with its compact form and...

The “You Need to Chill” Clock

(11 months ago)
The “You Need to Chill” ClockThis cleverly design clock wants you to remember to relax! It’s even called “RELAX I” and its frosted section blurs a portion of the face to...

A Sled for Shredding!

(11 months ago)
A Sled for Shredding!There’s still plenty of winter left to play in the snow and with this sled, you’re sure to turn heads and be the fastest! Its monocoque...

The Elegant Badboy Automobile

(11 months ago)
The Elegant Badboy AutomobileThey seem like contrasting terms, don’t they? Elegant and Badboy? They’re however not really opposites. We just haven’t used them together enough. The Alfa Romero C18...

CKIE Product of the week – Enevu Cube Mini Light

(11 months ago)
CKIE Product of the week – Enevu Cube Mini LightOriginally touted as Rubik’s portable light cube, the Enevu is cute yet ruggedly sturdy, and works as both a mellow ambient light as well as a...