Design archive for 2017-02-01

When earphones become your MP3 players

(3 years ago)
When earphones become your MP3 playersWait. Earphone Charging Cases can be controllers too?!? Why didn’t anyone think of that! Instead of having touch sensitive earphones (with all their single-tap/double-tap commands that...

A Glimpse at the Electric Nissan of the Future?

(3 years ago)
A Glimpse at the Electric Nissan of the Future?Cars are heading in two distinct directions these days: electric and autonomous. The E-tech, a project sponsored by Nissan, takes a look at what we might...

Your Yearly Planner Banner!

(3 years ago)
Your Yearly Planner Banner!The only plans that materialize are the ones that have deadlines. And deadlines only work when they’re constantly staring at you in the face. That’s why...

Concrete Doesn’t Get Much Cuter

(3 years ago)
Concrete Doesn’t Get Much Cuter“Boulders” is a bold pendant lamp that simulates the fusion of two boulder-like concrete stones in a codependent cuddle position, challenging this rigid, robust material to...

A Roomba for Golf Balls

(3 years ago)
A Roomba for Golf BallsGolf Pro does the dirty work so you can practice your swing all day without interruption! Designed for driving ranges, this automated robot utilizes an intricate...