Design archive for 2017-02-02

Bend it like Beckham, Measure it like Messi

(3 years ago)
Bend it like Beckham, Measure it like MessiIt seems as if we’re trying to put a chip in everything. Now this time, it’s our shoe. The Connected Cleat basically puts a bunch of...

Baby optical mouse, Adult optical mouse!

(3 years ago)
Baby optical mouse, Adult optical mouse!I’ll just say that I’m in complete love with this mouse. It does the two things it’s supposed to do, be clunky, and be flat. They...

Hypnotic Illuminated Timepieces

(3 years ago)
Hypnotic Illuminated TimepiecesLeap into the future with Tempus! This eye-catching kinetic artwork cleverly doubles as an illuminated timepiece that brings a sense of theatre to the simple act...

Less Phone, More Music!

(3 years ago)
Less Phone, More Music!For those times you just wanna get your face away from the phone, there’s the Waterspeaker! Unlike other standalone speakers, it doesn’t require pairing with your...

A Must-Have for Frequent Biz Flyers!

(3 years ago)
A Must-Have for Frequent Biz Flyers!Those who travel for work know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a comfy place to use your computer. With SMARTOO, you never...

The most convertible car ever

(3 years ago)
The most convertible car everConvertible is one word to describe the Volkswagen XLAero, but probably a more apt word is Modular. Get this… the entire upper hood can be swapped...