Design archive for 2017-02-06

Hybrid Inclusive Mobility?

(3 years ago)
Hybrid Inclusive Mobility?It’s probably a good thing that at first glance, I couldn’t tell whether the Volkswagen Roller was an urban mobility device or a disabled mobility device....

Real Life Virtual Reality Racing

(3 years ago)
Real Life Virtual Reality RacingThe razor-thin Volkswagen 300 concept is so low profile that it’s unfeasible a human driver could get behind the wheel! But, that doesn’t mean it’s autonomous....

The Weapon of Mass Creation

(3 years ago)
The Weapon of Mass CreationThe pen is mightier than the sword… especially when it’s made of titanium! We’ve seen a massive influx of pen designs on Kickstarter, each competing aggressively...

A Perf Surf Accessory

(3 years ago)
A Perf Surf AccessoryUnless you’re a surfer who lives within walking distance to the beach, you’ve gotta hide your stuff like keys and phone in a safe hiding spot...

Get Ready for Apartment Envy

(3 years ago)
Get Ready for Apartment EnvyIt’s hard to look at this flat and not be jealous of the people who get to call it home! Titled “33 Kinds of Joys of...