Design archive for 2017-02-09

Dynamic by Design!

(3 years ago)
Dynamic by Design!The Nissan Parallax is so dynamic, it looks like it’s moving even when it’s parked! The car’s form is futuristic, no doubt, but it also has...

Stone cold awesome!

(3 years ago)
Stone cold awesome!The flour mill is easily an incredibly old invention from possibly the stone age. Two massive discs of stone that run against each other, grinding grains...

Medication Made Easy

(3 years ago)
Medication Made EasyIt doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s difficult to remember to take your medicine, vitamins and other pills at times! Just as the name suggests,...

The Complete Sweep

(3 years ago)
The Complete SweepThe Complete Sweep concept expands on the popular robotic vacuum so your floors will always be almost clean enough to lick! The design features two distinct...

Power on a Roll

(3 years ago)
Power on a RollRolling Snake G1 combines the protective properties of cable bridges with the flexibility of classic extension cables on a cable reel. This all-in-one extension cable and...

An Enhanced Espresso Experience

(3 years ago)
An Enhanced Espresso ExperienceThe ZEEN coffee machine was designed to connect the barista and drinker for an enhanced espresso experience! Using different mirrored surfaces, including a distorting mirror and...