Design archive for 2017-02-10

Hey Nintendo! VR Waiting!

(3 years ago)
Hey Nintendo! VR Waiting!I can’t stress any harder on how much the Nintendo Switch VR needs to be a reality! Aside from its cool factor, it’s also perfectly built...

Contact Lens Common Sense!

(3 years ago)
Contact Lens Common Sense!Let me share a story with you. I’ve had spectacles for roughly 18 years now. As long as I can remember. I’v also been called “four-eyes”...

Seating with a Sliding Surprise

(3 years ago)
Seating with a Sliding SurpriseGet ready to be OBSESSED with the Beatle! When you’re choosing a piece of furniture like a sofa, you have to make sure the back, arms...

Move Over Uber!

(3 years ago)
Move Over Uber!Sky2Go aims to give Uber (specifically, UberLux) a run for its money! Representing the future of ride-sharing, this drone concept applies the Mercedes Benz design language...

A Dentist’s Wet Dream!

(3 years ago)
A Dentist’s Wet Dream!You’re not basic… so why should your toothbrush be?! Trash your boring ole’ brush for Aqua – a smarter solution that doesn’t look half-bad either! It’s...