Design archive for 2017-02-16

Plan your Life… King Size!

(3 years ago)
Plan your Life… King Size!The only plans that materialize are the ones that have deadlines. And deadlines only work when they’re constantly staring at you in the face. That’s why...

The Better Than Ever CB 400

(3 years ago)
The Better Than Ever CB 400In the early 80s, Brazilians rejoiced at the news Honda would produce the milestone CB400 in their native country. Much to many Brazilian gearheads dismay, it...

The Vroom Vroom Broom!

(3 years ago)
The Vroom Vroom Broom!Roombas are cute, but honestly, they’re really stupid. They end up getting jammed with pet poo, and are honestly not as smart as we expect them...

Baby Bath Time Just Got Better

(3 years ago)
Baby Bath Time Just Got BetterBathPouch rethinks the way you bathe baby! The two-part system consists of a folding bath that’s incredibly easy to carry around, and a wearable towel that...

Easy Tea

(3 years ago)
Easy TeaNothing should prevent one from enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures: a hot cup of tea! Designed with this in mind, TILT. is a kettle that...

Last call for entries! A’ Design Awards & Competition

(3 years ago)
Last call for entries! A’ Design Awards & CompetitionThis is it. With just two weeks to go, this is officially your final chance to be a part of the A’ Design Awards and Competition....