Design archive for 2017-02-21

Harman’s design harmony

(3 years ago)
Harman’s design harmonyAside from the Soundsticks and their transparent glory, Harman Kardon’s design language is rather established, and easy to point out. Once you get that, superimposing their...

When Braun made a toothbrush

(3 years ago)
When Braun made a toothbrushIn a way, Oral B and Braun are a match made in heaven. They both push boundaries innovation, creating products that aren’t just functionally superior, they’re...

The Next Best thing to a Real Benz

(3 years ago)
The Next Best thing to a Real BenzSome of us may never get behind the wheel of a Mercedes, especially those on the raceway… but this might be the next best thing! This...

From Another Dimension!

(3 years ago)
From Another Dimension!What can I say about the InstruMMents’ dimensioning pen that you haven’t heard before? The pen’s revolutionary design took over the internet, spawning thousands of videos...

A 3-in-1 Water Fixture

(3 years ago)
A 3-in-1 Water FixtureA beautiful faucet can really spruce up your bathroom, but what’s even better is one that does more than just direct water. SHUYA is a perfect...

Furniture for Fantasies

(3 years ago)
Furniture for FantasiesHave you ever come across a chair that was designed to promote daydreaming? Inspired by the shape of the infinity symbol, the Daydream chair by Joynout...