Design archive for 2017-02-23

Redbull energizes cars now!

(3 years ago)
Redbull energizes cars now!Aside from giving you wings, Redbull attempts to give your car wings of its own too! The RedBull conceptual car charger is an absolute home-run for...

The stool with a wood transplant

(3 years ago)
The stool with a wood transplantWhat the designers have done with the Zero Per Stool is just ingenious. This stool uses its own waste to build itself! That too in a...

This drone knows Yoga!

(3 years ago)
This drone knows Yoga!While drones can fly, I’ve realized that they’re quite a nuisance when they aren’t flying. Their complex schematic and aerodynamic shape occupy a lot of space,...

A different kind of Home-Delivery!

(3 years ago)
A different kind of Home-Delivery!The home isn’t a product as much as it’s a space. However, the Mobile Home is given a product style treatment. You don’t build the Mobile...

Kettle With A Purpose

(3 years ago)
Kettle With A PurposeExperts say that about 70% of the heat generated on a fire stove is lost, and this is quite a concern in terms of efficiency and...