Design archive for 2017-03-01

Rehydration Reminder

(3 years ago)
Rehydration ReminderThe Seal bottle isn’t what you think it is. You’re probably under the impression that the Seal has an illuminating cap that reminds you to drink...

A Supercase for your Macbook

(3 years ago)
A Supercase for your MacbookYou know how when Tony Stark steps into the exoskeleton suit, he becomes Iron Man? Think of the Boost as pretty much the same sort of...

A Chic Curry Cafe

(3 years ago)
A Chic Curry CafeThe interior and exterior revamp of Cari de Madame by Taipei Base Design Center is as simplistic as this curry cafe’s menu! The project originally took...

Baby Bathtime for Dummies

(3 years ago)
Baby Bathtime for DummiesThe right water temperature is largely subjective depending on the individual, but it’s imperative that parents get it just right when it comes time to give...

Always Get a Green Light!

(3 years ago)
Always Get a Green Light!Every cyclist knows that the best trips are those when you hit every green light! Designed with this in mind, Orion is a commuter must-have. Easily...