Design archive for 2017-03-08

Tricycle for the tourist-y kind

(3 years ago)
Tricycle for the tourist-y kindHere’s a transport category that doesn’t exist yet but most definitely should. Tourist transportation! People with the wanderlust in them usually love the idea of exploring...

Augmented Awesomeness!

(3 years ago)
Augmented Awesomeness!I heard a very profound quote about the AR/VR future the other day. It was about how AR surpasses VR in possibilities, because of its ability...

Half a Motorcycle, Twice the Fun

(3 years ago)
Half a Motorcycle, Twice the FunIf you thought this looked like motorcycle chopped in half you wouldn’t be far off! The KTM Unicycle is an all-electric, one-wheeled wonder that utilizes current...

Your Desktop Design Factory!

(3 years ago)
Your Desktop Design Factory!Most people are consumers. But there is a small section of us that proudly call ourselves creators. We desire to build beautiful things, not just own...

Point, Shoot, Print!

(3 years ago)
Point, Shoot, Print!As minimalist as the Halo camera might be, it offers users unparalleled functionality with its built-in photographic paper printer! Now, you don’t have to choose between...

Grooming Goodness

(3 years ago)
Grooming GoodnessOne often overlooked disadvantage of homeless or impoverished people is their lack of access to basic grooming necessities… and sometimes a decent appearance is all they...