Design archive for 2017-03-10

One Adorable Air Purifier

(3 years ago)
One Adorable Air PurifierSuper L is perhaps the cutest air purifier ever! Its atomic-style legs and slim profile allow it to blend in seamlessly with your other furniture, unlike...

Daniel Simon’s robot racecar!

(3 years ago)
Daniel Simon’s robot racecar!Does the name Daniel Simon sound familiar? Well it better! He’s only the most iconic modern transportation concept designer there is! You’ll have seen his work...

A Pen for Wolverine

(3 years ago)
A Pen for WolverineIf Adamantium was an actual metal, I’m sure this pen would’ve been made of it, but it’s made of the next best thing. The Titanium pen...

Stools that Start in the Sea

(3 years ago)
Stools that Start in the SeaThis minimalist stool design is not only stylish but sustainable! Its seat is formed from a material you might never have heard of called eelgrass found...

Juice Perfect

(3 years ago)
Juice PerfectWhat if the Osulloc brand, known for their green tea treats, made a juicer? This concept by PDF HAUS explores that very question. As simple as...