Design archive for 2017-03-13

Donut waste water!

(2 weeks ago)
Donut waste water!How is it that with all the water we have around us, we’re still short of the damn thing! It’s high time we started designing responsibly,...

Head-Lamp on your Head

(2 weeks ago)
Head-Lamp on your HeadIf your bicycle helmet has lights on it, does that make it a ‘head-light’? What if the lights act as tail lights for your bike? Does...

Mixing Up the Mixer

(2 weeks ago)
Mixing Up the MixerWhy must a mixer look like a garage power tool?! Designer Elisabeth Morris asked herself this question when designing the CILO Hand Mixer. Modeled after the...

Watches Are a Family’s Best Friend!

(2 weeks ago)
Watches Are a Family’s Best Friend!These watches are literal metaphors for ‘time spent with family’! While most watches make a personal style statement, the Paradigm watches have a rather different philosophy....

The No-Hassle Camping Heater

(2 weeks ago)
The No-Hassle Camping HeaterLAVA, named after its volcano-inspired shape, is a must-have for anyone who loves wintertime camping. Unlike gas heaters, LAVA utilizes safe and efficient induction heating technology...

Make Life Plantastic!

(2 weeks ago)
Make Life Plantastic!For us urban dwellers, a little indoor greenery can go a long way to make us happier and increase our sense of well-being The Citysens indoor...