Design archive for 2017-03-14

The fire-fighting fortress!

(3 years ago)
The fire-fighting fortress!Cleverly named after the Rook (Castle) in Chess, the Rook Home Fire Safety system dedicates itself to protecting the house from any fire hazard. The Rook...

One Sharp Sand Yacht

(3 years ago)
One Sharp Sand YachtThe Venturi Y concept is the latest way to speed across wide open spaces without any engine! Well, almost no engine. Like every sand yacht, it’s...

When Intel redesigns the Google Glass

(3 years ago)
When Intel redesigns the Google GlassGoogle did create the first wearable with the Google Glass, but honestly with its $1500 price tag, it sounded like a failure at the get go....

A Living, Breathing Bubble!

(3 years ago)
A Living, Breathing Bubble!Light meets bubble in this artistic installation! Sonic Light Bubble is a living, breathing interactive installation that responds with light and sound when approached and touched....

UberPool meets the YinYang

(3 years ago)
UberPool meets the YinYangDesigned for the Chinese market in the year 2030, the Panlong autonomous vehicle draws inspiration from Yin and Yang! This far-out, futuristic concept provides riders with...