Design archive for 2017-03-16

Electrolux’s Quirky Cooker

(3 years ago)
Electrolux’s Quirky CookerName a few wall mounted kitchen appliances. There aren’t that many! In that regard, the Electrolux Cell Cooker really revisits design standards for kitchen appliances. Not...

Aromatic Alarms!

(3 years ago)
Aromatic Alarms!Ever woken up to the smell of fresh coffee, or sizzling bacon, or just the fragrance of your loved one? Smell has a way to invigorate...

Tea on a Roll

(3 years ago)
Tea on a RollTea time is perhaps the most quintessential of English customs. Designed just for the Brits, “Blendin” is a modern twist on this age-old tradition that makes...

The Bottletop Bass-machine!

(3 years ago)
The Bottletop Bass-machine!What if a speaker didn’t have to be big to produce big sound? What if it could just use something external to magnify sound waves? That’s...

The car with a lot of head-room

(3 years ago)
The car with a lot of head-roomThe “Nomic” takes what we imagine a car should look and feel like and… well… forgets it! The design looks more like a photo-booth on wheels...

Fresh 02 On the Spot

(3 years ago)
Fresh 02 On the SpotDesigned to match your Beats Pill or Amazon Echo, the Desktop Air Purifier takes up a small footprint on your workspace while providing you with loads...