Design archive for 2017-03-20

Cute, Compact, Consumer Electronics

(3 years ago)
Cute, Compact, Consumer ElectronicsWhen a product becomes small/portable by virtue of technological innovation, aesthetically it can go in one of two directions. It can either embrace a powerful aesthetic,...

The cube to rule your gadgets

(3 years ago)
The cube to rule your gadgetsWhen we first introduced the Wondercube to the world back in 2015, it seemed way too ahead of its time. Two years later, it still leaves...

A Battery Powered Beauty

(3 years ago)
A Battery Powered BeautyThe Anion is futuristic design study of a two-seater Nissan that aims to redefine the “sports car” for generation Z in 2030. Its design is focused...

Time is Fleeting, Time is Floating!

(3 years ago)
Time is Fleeting, Time is Floating!I knew time was fleeting, but this one is new to me… and it may easily be the most beautiful timepiece I’ve ever seen. Embodying the...

Beats for the Black Diamond!

(3 years ago)
Beats for the Black Diamond!Nothing can enhance a day on the slopes quite like good music! Shred to your favorite soundtracks in absolute comfort and safety with the SOUNDSHIELD by...

A Doorbell for the Deaf

(3 years ago)
A Doorbell for the DeafIndividuals with hearing impairments rely on their sight for a variety of circumstances in which those who can hear simply use their ears. Designed with this...