Design archive for 2017-03-22

Snow-domination transportation

(3 years ago)
Snow-domination transportationThe RDSV concept vehicle looks like an absolute beast. Even with its lean frame, it manages to look like it could outwit any mountain terrain. An...

The Optimus Prime of Speakers

(3 years ago)
The Optimus Prime of SpeakersLike the Transformers from which it was inspired, the TransSpeaker aims to be a multifunctional friend! Composed of 4 speaker columns that can be individually adjusted,...

Time-saving shaving!

(3 years ago)
Time-saving shaving!If products are frequently used together, they can be clubbed together, right? This very idea lead to the spork, the toothbrush with the gum scrubbing pads,...

What future kitchen appliances will be like

(3 years ago)
What future kitchen appliances will be likeGotta love this twist on the rice cooker! Called the “Haier Multipurpose Cooker”, it takes the versatility of this popular appliance and multiplies it times 3!...


(3 years ago)
Print-a-bike!A total of 156 printed items were used to transform an existing motorcycle into an uber-aggressive and stylish street bike! From the front tip to the...