Design archive for 2017-03-24

The Nike watch of future past!

(3 years ago)
The Nike watch of future past!Back in the day, Nike launched the Triax series of sports watches that all had a very interesting design detail. All the watches had an asymmetric...

Where no vacuum has ever cleaned before

(3 years ago)
Where no vacuum has ever cleaned beforeYou call it the VC500, I call it the Pinocchio Vacuum! This little concept dustbuster comes with an extendable snout that allows it to clean your...

Red Bull Gives Your Vacuum Wings

(3 years ago)
Red Bull Gives Your Vacuum WingsThe idea of an energy drink company making a vacuum is weird and unexpected, yet the result is totally awesome! The Red Bull Robot Cleaner applies...

FaceTime on your Apple Watch?!

(3 years ago)
FaceTime on your Apple Watch?!The Apple Watch goes as close to working as efficiently as the smartphone in your pocket. It even comes with a gallery that allows you to...

Phone-Charging Curtains!

(3 years ago)
Phone-Charging Curtains!The Solar Blind is one of those designs that’ll make you wonder… “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?!”. This design transforms everyday blinds into a...

Stay Cool, Breathe Clean

(3 years ago)
Stay Cool, Breathe CleanWind Ball presents new innovations in air circulation, cooling, and purification for the home. It’s elegant, wand-shape is ideal for 360° oscillation. Built-in smart sensor tech...