Design archive for 2017-04-03

Once you go track, you never go back!

(2 weeks ago)
Once you go track, you never go back!Before you wonder why the Pluma Bike looks like a massive padlock, let me tell you that the bike’s aesthetic couldn’t be more appropriate for its...

Design for Living in the Moment

(2 weeks ago)
Design for Living in the MomentSometimes our desire to record memories actually interferes with being present in the moment. We miss out on the very experiences we want to remember by...

One Wonderfully Wobbly Table

(2 weeks ago)
One Wonderfully Wobbly TableThe “Table of Mindfulness” only works if YOU put the finishing touch on it! What do I mean, exactly? Well, it’s uneven 4th leg makes the...

Location Celebration Ornamentation!

(2 weeks ago)
Location Celebration Ornamentation!There’s a certain beauty to the You Are Here series of jewelry/accessories that is comparable to the STC Memento we saw in October last year. While...

Your public, personal space

(2 weeks ago)
Your public, personal spaceHere’s how technology has changed lives. The public seating design by Shoeb Khan indicates the change in behavior of people over the past 20 years. While...

A projector that rises from the ashes

(2 weeks ago)
A projector that rises from the ashesNot many products today take inspiration from something as abstract as a phoenix’s flame. But if they were to, they would look like this pocket projector...