Design archive for 2017-04-05

Designed to look delicious!

(3 years ago)
Designed to look delicious!Paul Ketz is back with his uncanny, unconventional take on conventional products, aesthetics, and functionality. The designer won the A’ Design Award last year for his...

A ‘fresh’ look at laundry

(3 years ago)
A ‘fresh’ look at laundryThe Electrolux Laundry Cabinet’s take on washing clothes seems like the perfect systems design project for Superman, or Mark Zuckerberg… both notoriously known for wearing the...

Ever wanted to ride a paper plane?

(3 years ago)
Ever wanted to ride a paper plane?Two of the hottest tech developments of the last year have been merged together and we couldn’t be more excited! Imagine a drone with a camera…...

The Kangaroo-inspired Incubator

(3 years ago)
The Kangaroo-inspired IncubatorAn excellent example of applied biomimicry, Magnolia explores marrying the concept of “kangaroo care” with the common incubator in order to prevent a variety of infant...

Weather-proof Phone Calls!

(3 years ago)
Weather-proof Phone Calls!If you live in a city where it rains, you know the struggle of talking on the phone while you try to stay dry under your...

Guess what these specs are made of!

(3 years ago)
Guess what these specs are made of!If Shwood eyewear has taught us designers anything, it’s that the entire world can be your source of inspiration. The company, known for pioneering luxury eyepieces...