Design archive for 2017-04-06

Lean, Mean Secondary Screen

(3 years ago)
Lean, Mean Secondary ScreenThe L-Rod secondary screen has officially ruined me for all other secondary screens. With an aesthetic so classy it may just put my primary electronics to...

Taking camping to “another level”

(3 years ago)
Taking camping to “another level”Why sleep in a tent when you could sleep in a nest?! The Flite+ by Tentsile straps to trees, giving you airborne accommodation in the outdoors!...

The Perfectly Calibrated Business-trip Bag

(3 years ago)
The Perfectly Calibrated Business-trip BagThe average business trip lasts not more than 36 hours. That rather important insight is what makes the Lundi travel bag the perfect choice for businessmen...

An Oh-So-Simple Stool

(3 years ago)
An Oh-So-Simple StoolBEC from BEC on Vimeo. BEC is the very mark of versatility! This simple stool (that can also be used as an end table) features a...

Stay Cool in Silence

(3 years ago)
Stay Cool in SilenceIf you find yourself yelling “what?! I can’t hear you!” over your current air conditioner, then the Anio is for you! It’s the first home A/C...

The correct formula for mixing Tech and Time

(3 years ago)
The correct formula for mixing Tech and TimeThe Smartwatch industry seemed like a bad idea from the get-go. It felt like overkill to have with you a phone that connects you to the...