Design archive for 2017-04-07

Let the sun mow your lawn!

(2 weeks ago)
Let the sun mow your lawn!Well, the sun won’t actually mow your lawn, but it’ll definitely power the lawnmower. The Aurinco lawnmower merges manpower with solar power to provide the optimally...

A New Way to Warm Your Hands

(2 weeks ago)
A New Way to Warm Your HandsIt’s one thing to feel the warmth of a fire from a distance and something entirely different to touch it. That’s the idea from Natura, an...

Audible Adorable

(2 weeks ago)
Audible AdorableThere’s a reason most musical instruments are still made of wood. Sounds emanating from resonating wood are not only incredibly clear, but also have a naturally...

A Buzzworthy Beehive

(2 weeks ago)
A Buzzworthy BeehiveThe Local Bee service brings people closer to their local bee keeper and, in essence, their honey too! After getting up close and personal with a...

Hi-def Audio that’s a Hoot!

(2 weeks ago)
Hi-def Audio that’s a Hoot!Introducing, HOOT! The owl-inspired, omnidirectional audio system that’s as adorable as it is functional! This tabletop speaker can be controlled with its intuitive top that spins...

The Bugatti of future past!

(2 weeks ago)
The Bugatti of future past!Forget the Veyron, forget the Chiron, the Bugatti Type 57T has officially won our hearts! This concept car designed by Arthur B. Nustas revives the classic...