Design archive for 2017-04-10


(3 years ago)
O’rug’ami!What’s the difference between a carpet/mat or (a large piece of cloth) and a sheet of paper or a napkin? Just the size, say the Wayon...

A Tent for Chief Sitting-Cat

(3 years ago)
A Tent for Chief Sitting-CatKennels go outside the house, but something as uniquely quaint looking as the Pet Teepee is perfect for keeping indoors! The Pet Teepee by Montreal-based Wild...

“Herban” Gardening is Here!

(3 years ago)
“Herban” Gardening is Here!Grundig’s Herb Garden makes it possible to practice your green thumb on fresh, organic herbs from the comfort of home! About the size of a refrigerator,...

For the serious Smartphone Shutterbug

(3 years ago)
For the serious Smartphone ShutterbugThe iPhone camera isn’t one to be messed with. It’s gone head on with even DSLRs, becoming a professional photography medium in itself. Moment’s lenses push...

The Perfect Coffee Maker for Micro-living!

(3 years ago)
The Perfect Coffee Maker for Micro-living!When you’re limited on counter space, the only way to go is up! That’s the idea behind MiO – a taller, slimmer coffee maker compared to...

A Smarter Stethoscope

(3 years ago)
A Smarter StethoscopeAfter 200 years without change, the U Scope finally introduces some much-needed improvements to the stethoscope! First, the chest piece is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit...