Design archive for 2017-04-13

A Mini Minty Treat!

(2 weeks ago)
A Mini Minty Treat!The new airlines electronics ban is truly a bummer… but some Altoids should make your ride much more entertaining. How, you ask? Why, Sudomod managed to...

Squarish Wheels over Round Wheels?!

(2 weeks ago)
Squarish Wheels over Round Wheels?!All our life if there’s one stereotype that has been emblazoned into our minds, it’s that the wheel is round. Right from those caveman cartoons, all...

Turn Memories Into Memorabilia

(2 weeks ago)
Turn Memories Into MemorabiliaUPDATE: Less than 24 hours left in her campaign and raised over $130,000! There’s a certain beauty to the You Are Here series of jewelry/accessories that...

An Audi for Your Face

(2 weeks ago)
An Audi for Your FaceGroom yourself a sexy beard to match your sexy car with the Audi Philips shaver! Designed to mimic the shapes of the brand’s automotive models, this...

A Digital Heaven

(2 weeks ago)
A Digital HeavenHere’s to looking this good when we’re dead! The idea of transferring someone’s persona to a digital form that lives on isn’t anything new… but never...