Design archive for 2017-04-14

Old technique, New sharpener!

(3 years ago)
Old technique, New sharpener!The Osciblade sharpener does two pretty nifty things. It provides the efficiency of an electric sharpener without really using electricity, and it brings a new, fun...

This Lambo is born to kill!

(3 years ago)
This Lambo is born to kill!Lamborghini changed its naming strategy with the Huracan. The last few names were all inspired by fighting bulls (paying tribute to the Lamborghini logo), however Huracan...

Zap Away Nausea

(3 years ago)
Zap Away NauseaAs a sufferer of extreme carsickness, I’d do just about anything to make it stop… including zapping myself with electricity! This is essentially how the wearable...

An Extraordinary Necessary Sanitary System

(3 years ago)
An Extraordinary Necessary Sanitary SystemWe love it when a student project takes off, going from the concept realm to being realized into an actual product… more so when it’s a...

Tangible Tuning

(3 years ago)
Tangible TuningNo two people prefer the same settings when it comes to jamming out so why should our speakers be the same? Taking this concept into consideration,...