Design archive for 2017-04-17

This shower goes both ways

(12 months ago)
This shower goes both waysWhat started as a conceptual design project to monitor water wastage in a household, turned slowly into a real-world project with one rather interesting product emerging...

Bonsai Battery-charger!

(12 months ago)
Bonsai Battery-charger!If plants can refuel themselves via photosynthesis, why can’t our gadgets? The Solar Suntree is a rather neat alternative to yet another power-bank. It ditches the...

A Better Bathroom Scale

(12 months ago)
A Better Bathroom ScaleThe Arch is an ergonomic alternative to the bulky metal bathroom scales currently on the market. Its unique raised surface not only provides support but serves...

Raw Images? How about a Raw Camera!

(12 months ago)
Raw Images? How about a Raw Camera!With the popular rise of Buzzfeed’s Tasty, Goodful, and Nifty videos on social media, we’ve gone from becoming just consumers to DIY enthusiasts. The concept is...

Endlessly Adapting Office Furniture

(12 months ago)
Endlessly Adapting Office FurnitureThe modern office’s spatial requirement can change as quickly as the weather! This is especially true with the trend of shared workspaces being more popular than...

A Distorted Dream Come True

(12 months ago)
A Distorted Dream Come TrueGuitarists are on the never-ending lookout for the perfect distortion! This usually means cycling through pedal after pedal. Until now… unlike other designs with only 2...