Design archive for 2017-04-24

The most playful meal of the day

(3 years ago)
The most playful meal of the dayThe inherent simplicity and playful nature of the Notch table set is what makes it such a pleasure to own! Designed in Ceramic, Wood, and Cork,...

Superman’s X-Ray vision in your phone!

(3 years ago)
Superman’s X-Ray vision in your phone!While the tech giants of our time are busy putting two and three cameras inside one phone, there’s an electronics company based in Sichuan, China that’s...

Introducing, the Shaving Stick

(3 years ago)
Introducing, the Shaving StickThe CYLNDR combines the ease of a straight razor with the convenience and safety of an electric rotary shaver. Without the risk of cutting and without...

This Watch Used to be a Porsche 911

(3 years ago)
This Watch Used to be a Porsche 911You could own a Porsche 911, or you could own this slick looking wristwatch. It’s kind of the same thing. How, you ask? Well, this wristwatch...

An Ever Expanding Appliance

(3 years ago)
An Ever Expanding ApplianceIf you’re a new chef in the making, Vario is the first and last kitchen tool you need! This versatile appliance utilizes a central base plate...

A Speaker with a Surprise

(3 years ago)
A Speaker with a Surprise“Atelier” is a hybrid entertainment system that marries high end audio and television into one elegant unit. According to designer Kwanjun Ryu, it’s first and foremost...