Design archive for 2017-04-28

The laptop experience on your desktop!

(11 months ago)
The laptop experience on your desktop!The ProStation 3.0 makes life so much easier. It keeps all your desktop’s USB ports above sea level! Gone are those days of going down on...

Don’t Look At The Time. Look Into It!

(11 months ago)
Don’t Look At The Time. Look Into It!Over the years we’ve covered all sorts of watches, vintage timepieces, minimalist wristwatches, smartwatches, aviator watches, unconventionally modern and luxurious Swiss timepieces, and even one with...

A Car with Good Posture

(11 months ago)
A Car with Good PostureGotta love this triangular twist on the car! Called “Car2Go”, it’s more of a mobile exoskeleton that you can pop in and out of to get...

A Handle All Your Own

(11 months ago)
A Handle All Your OwnIf you’ve ever searched for a door handle, you know that despite the overwhelmingly wide selection of styles available, it can be extremely difficult to find...

Literally a bulletproof travel-lock!

(11 months ago)
Literally a bulletproof travel-lock!Even Thor’s hammer, the Mjolinr, is breakable, but the Ottolock isn’t! While most bike locks or travel locks are made from metal (making them somewhat reliable,...