Design archive for 2017-05-04

A portable charger for all batteries!

(3 years ago)
A portable charger for all batteries!It’s not common knowledge, but guess what. That portable charger you carry with you can jump-start your car! It’s essentially a rather powerful battery the size...

This warning sign is bananas!

(3 years ago)
This warning sign is bananas!The sad reality is that caution signs are not particularly cautionary. They’re designed to be visible and legible, but the human brain, burdened with information from...

The new design skill: VR

(3 years ago)
The new design skill: VRWhile most designers work on designing the future, there are a handful who work on designing the very tools we use to design the future. What...

Eden on the 15th Floor

(3 years ago)
Eden on the 15th FloorThe latest addition to the skyline of Västerås city will be a high-rise building that features three-dimensional facades and an unprecedented panoramic garden on the 15th...

Future F1 Driver Defense

(3 years ago)
Future F1 Driver DefenseThe FIA governing body’s recent decision to prioritize the “Shield” design to replace the current Halo in 2018 has left everyone wondering how this new driver...

A wolf in Ferrari’s clothing

(3 years ago)
A wolf in Ferrari’s clothingThe only thing Ferrari about this concept car is the logo on the front and back! Not many designers exercise the right to say “Hey, let’s...