Design archive for 2017-05-08

Alessi buckles down on Toothpaste waste

(11 months ago)
Alessi buckles down on Toothpaste wasteArguably the biggest and most respected design brand of our time (and well before our time too), Alessi is known for its delightful products with a...

Ripples in Time

(11 months ago)
Ripples in TimeInspired by the movement created by droplets falling into water, the Wave watch offers wearers an elegant alternative to telling the time. A hybrid of digital...

A Near Danger-less Drill

(11 months ago)
A Near Danger-less DrillElectric drills can be just as dangerous as they are handy. Many injuries result from the current design where users must hold screws in place, leaving...

Hair Dryer Square Dryer!

(11 months ago)
Hair Dryer Square Dryer!Why do hair-dryers look the way they do? I have a few theories (I may be wrong, but let’s dig in anyway)… Based off the shape...

If Audi Made Motorcycles

(11 months ago)
If Audi Made MotorcyclesAs much as we wish they did, Audi doesn’t make a moto (unless you consider the fact that they own Ducati)… but if they did, you...