Design archive for 2017-05-09

Ferrari’s racy Office Chairs!

(3 years ago)
Ferrari’s racy Office Chairs!If office chair racing was a legit game, what better than to do it with Ferrari’s new desk chair series?? These superior looking chairs come from...

If Galileo played chess

(3 years ago)
If Galileo played chessThere’s something so metaphorical about this spherical chess board! Like countries on our planet constantly picking sides and going on war, this spherical chessboard allows two...

Go aerial, GoPro!

(3 years ago)
Go aerial, GoPro!Badminton meets photography with the Birdie attachment for the GoPro! This shuttlecock-esque accessory for the GoPro gives you amazing aerial shots without the need for an...

Flipping Out for this Fidget Spinner!

(3 years ago)
Flipping Out for this Fidget Spinner!Counteract your ADD in style with the Massdrop x RAMA WORKS S01 Remedy Spinner! It’s the elite version of the favorite toy everyone from 3 to...

The Stethoscope Just Got Smarter

(3 years ago)
The Stethoscope Just Got SmarterThe Steth IO smartphone case modernizes the 200-year-old stethoscope! The design merges the technology, display, and microphone on a smartphone with the time-tested geometry of a...

You can pack up this home & take it with you!

(3 years ago)
You can pack up this home & take it with you!The future of homes is upon us and it isn’t a smart home. It’s a prefab home. Short for prefabricated, these homes come as livable units...