Design archive for 2017-05-12

The Building Blocks of Electronic Music

(2 weeks ago)
The Building Blocks of Electronic MusicThe modularity movement has hit the music industry too, as can be seen with the Roli Blocks. Designed by Roli, the same people who made the...

A Grrr-worthy Concept!

(2 weeks ago)
A Grrr-worthy Concept!What do you get when you cross a bear with a lizard with automotive design?! You get Grizzly. This electric concept vehicle from Wojciech Jurkowski applies...

A Highlighter with a View

(2 weeks ago)
A Highlighter with a ViewStationery, like everything else, evolves to get better. The quill became the fountain pen, the messy fountain pen became the roller ball, and because the roller...

A Knife for Designers by A Designer

(2 weeks ago)
A Knife for Designers by A DesignerIt’s sort of ironic how the precision knife is so commonly used by designers yet so lacking in design evolution. Who hasn’t lost the cap? Or...

Enhancing Respiratory Health

(2 weeks ago)
Enhancing Respiratory HealthWe take a breath as many as 30,000 times a day! Unfortunately, for those with asthma and other respiratory conditions, this means 30,000 opportunities for difficulty...

Zap your bad habits into oblivion!

(2 weeks ago)
Zap your bad habits into oblivion!The title does sound like overkill, I admit… but this ‘shocking’ new invention can make you stick to your new year resolutions (what new year resolutions?)...