Design archive for 2017-05-19

A Classic Yet Class-apart Camera

(3 years ago)
A Classic Yet Class-apart CameraKodak-heads should love this one. While most people prefer strapping VR headsets to their head, the Kodak Instamatic Redesign concept aims at replacing future tech with...

If you’re running, put a ring on it!

(3 years ago)
If you’re running, put a ring on it!Not my best Beyoncé pun, but I digress. The Runbell, as direct as its name is, is a quaint little finger-worn bell for runners. Using a...

A Little Thing with a Lotta Light!

(3 years ago)
A Little Thing with a Lotta Light!We’ve seen plenty of lanterns that transform into flashlights and vice versa, but never before has one been so compact. The LUMI light is a pint...

Literally catch them ‘red’ handed

(3 years ago)
Literally catch them ‘red’ handedMore than 300 incidents of bag-snatching are reported in just the capital city of Malaysia per month. That number is truly alarming. Aside from loss of...