Design archive for 2017-05-22

The Meryl Streep of Cameras

(3 years ago)
The Meryl Streep of CamerasIf I had to describe the Canary Flex camera to you, I’d probably say that it’s the Meryl Streep of surveillance tech. It’s capable of everything...

Evolution of the Automobile

(3 years ago)
Evolution of the AutomobileWelcome, EDIT – the world’s first modular, self-driving, electric car! The idea originated with the realization that the concept of a personal vehicle is, even if...

Better Blade Than Never!

(3 years ago)
Better Blade Than Never!Not many products come with a lifetime warranty…and definitely not products that are subjected to rough use. The Bomber B-2 Nano Blade is quite a surprising...

Kiss Your Trucker Dreams Goodbye

(3 years ago)
Kiss Your Trucker Dreams GoodbyeI’d be ticked off if I were a truck driver and rigs started to look this good just as my job became obsolete! It’s called the...

An Attractive TV, for Once.

(3 years ago)
An Attractive TV, for Once.Nothing, and I mean nothing, will kill the vibe of your interior faster than a TV. You’ve painstakingly curated your home with fine furniture, finishes and...