Design archive for 2017-05-29

Race against this clock!

(3 years ago)
Race against this clock!Time rushes by… and so do Audi’s cars. This rather innovative clock concept uses Audi’s logo for some imaginative visual trickery and a pretty uniquely enjoyable...

Minimalistic Tea-inspired Aromatherapy

(3 years ago)
Minimalistic Tea-inspired AromatherapyIn Chinese tea drinking, traditionally, the lid will be placed ever so slightly tilted so as to leave a gap so that the aroma of the...

Your Backpack, Your Canvas!

(3 years ago)
Your Backpack, Your Canvas!You know how the apparel you wear are supposed to make a fashion statement? With the Manuable Backpack you can literally make a statement! Designed in...

Twrist and Sweat

(3 years ago)
Twrist and SweatTwrist (yes, you’ll be mouthing that name for a minute) is a fitness concept aimed just at the ladies. These adjustable dumbbells allow users to start...

The Tag Along Vacuum

(3 years ago)
The Tag Along VacuumCanister style vacuums offer unmatched suction power, but users often find themselves lugging the heavy body from area to area which can be exhausting and time...